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There are plenty of opportunities for ‘TV and Film Extra’ work for anyone who’s interested in appearing on the screen and getting paid for it! Work is available to anyone, of any age, height, size, race or background. Productions are always on the lookout for new faces, and are usually looking for ‘ordinary’ people who can blend smoothly into the background of their projects. You could be in a blockbuster movie, a TV soap or drama, a TV commercial or even a reality TV programme – the opportunities are endless.

This type of work would suite anyone who has a flexible schedule and who isn’t camera shy! Examples include, mums, students, the retired, or anyone who is currently unemployed; as well as the amateur actor or those eager to make a career in this industry. You can expect to work long hours on some productions, and on location. You may also find that there is quite a lot of waiting around between sets, but the good news is that the pay can be anything from £70.00 per day upwards, plus all expenses paid, including food and drink.

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TV/Film Work
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