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Market research is a broad term that covers many investigation techniques. We cover three areas on this site one of which is the Focus Group.

Companies and organisations want to know what certain individuals think, feel or how they react towards a product or service. These individuals form a focus group. The group participants are not chosen at random but instead must meet a definite criteria. The criteria is based on a number of aspects that may be relative to the product or service being marketed, and is usually relative to age, gender, interests and background. If you fit the demographic profile you will be asked to attend a focus group. Invitations will arrive either by e-mail or telephone.

The Focus Group meeting is held either at a set location or in your home. Groups are usually small in number and informal, and are led by a moderator. You will be briefed on the subject matter before you accept the assignment, i.e. the focus group is about mobile phones. The sessions are usually one to two hours long, during which you will chat about the item/service and be asked for views, opinions and general feedback – drinks and snacks are usually available. Focus groups are sometimes recorded but you will be informed of this, and at no point will you be expected to buy anything.

Focus groups can be fun and entertaining. You will be paid a fee for your time that is in the region of £30.00 to £60.00 and sometimes more, of which you are usually paid in cash at the end of the focus group session.

You do not need any special qualifications to participate in focus group discussions but you must be a UK resident and over 18 years of age.


Please do not sign-up with an agency that asks you for a registration fee – participating in focus groups and joining agents is FREE.