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Needless to say you must have ‘green-fingers’ to set up as a freelance gardener. But on a basic scale you could advertise ‘lawn mowing’ services. You’d be surprised how many people are unable to mow their own lawn due to work commitments or illness. In addition to this service you could offer a ‘clearing out gardens’ option which again doesn’t require gardening skills. Many people allow their gardens to overgrow or buy houses with unkempt gardens. You could make a good deal of money from this if you can find the work. Advertise in your local paper, have leaflets printed, (try VistaPrint ) and place a card in supermarket and newsagent noticeboards.

Why not take it one step further by taking an ICS distance learning course in Gardening?

Leaflet Distribution

Local businesses usually hire leaflet distributors to hand out flyers and postcards advertising their products or services, so if you like walking and working outdoors then this might be right up your street! Try contacting some local businesses to establish if they hire freelance distributors or whether their work is carried out by an agency. Also try looking at the advertisements in local newspapers as some business advertise for distributors there.
You may find the National Letterbox Marketing website useful
or Dor2Dor website.

Window Cleaner

Have you tried tracking down a window cleaner lately? It ain’t easy! Window cleaners are in high demand so if you like the sound of it this is the apt time to get started. Setting up as a window cleaner is a straightforward process. You’ll need to set yourself up with the basic tools of the trade such as transport, a ladder, a good quality chammy, window cleaning detergent, a bucket and a rubber blade window squeegee. You must also be a keen outdoor worker and be prepared to work in all weather conditions. In addition to these requirements you’ve got to be physically fit and happy on a ladder! Once you become established with a steady round you could be earning good money. Charges are based on how large the property is and how many windows need cleaning but an average three-bedroom house fetches between £15.00 -£20.00 per job depending on the location. Work could also be extended to cleaning windows for shops and businesses. Advertise your services by having some leaflets printed. VistaPrint offer a large range of marketing products for the freelancer including FREE business cards – for 200 cards you only pay the postage and package which comes to around £3.00 You may also consider placing an ad in your local newspapers, newsagents and supermarket notice boards.For more information on becoming a window cleaner and buying equipment have a look at the Federation of Master Window Cleaners website.

Cleaning Services

Domestic cleaning and/or Office cleaning is a sought after service that is very much on the up. Busy people are always on the lookout for a reliable home cleaner. Setting up as a freelancer is simple and once you become established you could be earning a good income. Spring-cleaning services could earn you extra cash and you might also consider offering cleaning services to people or companies who have just bought a new property and charge a ‘per job’ fee. You will have to advertise your services until you become established enough for referrals. Placing an ad in a local paper, newsagent or supermarket store is a good start and you might consider getting some leaflets printed. VistaPrint offer a great range of marketing products including FREE business cards (you only pay approx £3.00 for postage and package) as well as notecards, postcards, flyers and posters. They constrantly have special offers and deliver a quick and efficient service too! You could also try placing an ad on Gumtree
You may find MollyMaids website helpful and/or MerryMaids.