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Dog Walker

If you love taking care of animals then Dog Walking might be an ideal opportunity for you. Many people need Dog Walkers for a variety of reasons. We've devised this article for you to help you on your quest to becoming a professional dog walker.


Dog Walker

Dog Walking is becoming increasingly popular in today's busy society, with more and more people seeking out the services of reliable, honest and caring dog walkers to exercise their pet. As dog walker you will required to collect your clients pet from their home and walk them for an agreed time, usually an hour. This might be whilst your client is at work or because they are unable to walk their dog due to a busy schedule or illness.


Who will my clients be?

Your clients may be people who are out at work all day and don't have enough time to walk their dog. Or they may be elderly people, or those who are unwell or infirm and therefore unable to take their dog for the long walk that he/she requires. Your clients may also be dog owners with hectic schedules who are unable to fit this daily routine into their rota.


What skills are required?

You do need to be reasonable fit to be able carry out this type of work as you will be walking quite a few miles per day. Other basic requirements include comfortable walking shoes, a readiness to work outdoors in all types of weather and a genuine love of animals.


How much can I earn?

Pay ranges from £50.00 - £400.00 per week depending on the services you provide and how many hours you work. Typically a dog walker will charge between £7 - £15.00 per hour, per pet for their services. If you are used to handling dogs then you can take more than one dog on each run, which will double, triple and quadruple your income.


Do I need transportation?

If you are walking several dogs then the simple answer is 'yes'. You will need a car, preferably an estate to collect your dogs and then drop them off to their homes. If you don't have transport then choose clients that live close by so that you can do your rounds on foot.


Dog Walking

Although Dog Walking doesn't require any special skills, there are some laws and regulations that you need to abide by. Primarily, you must remember that whilst the dog is in your care, you are responsible for it (and its actions), thus if it causes any damage whilst you are out walking the dog then you will be liable, not the owner. So, if you decide to become a dog walker then do take out some , such as Public Liability , to safeguard you against any legal claims.


Can you handle it?

Only take on dog walking if you are confident that you can handle all types of dogs. And don't walk more than one dog at a time if you don't feel confident enough. The last thing you want to do is lose your client's pet! The general maximum recommendation is no more than 6 dogs at a time for any dog walker.


Get some FREE Business Cards printed

A cost effective way to advertise your pet or dog walking services is by having leaflets/cards printed for local distribution. Placing an ad in your local pet shop, vet surgery, newsagents and supermarkets will help generate interest and clients. We highly recommend VistaPrint for a great range of marketing products. They offer FREE business cards (you only pay approx £3.00 for postage and package) as well as notecards, postcards, flyers and posters. They constantly have special deals and deliver a quick and efficient service.


Clean up after your pooch!

You will also be required to clean up after the dog you are walking, this is law enforced by The Environmental Protection Act (1990) Dog Fouling AND The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005. So do make sure that you have a poop scoop and/or sufficient biodegradable poop scoop bags to clean up the waste and dispose of it responsibly or you could face a fine of up to £1,000.00.


Some other Law Enforced Rules for Dog Walkers

Please familiarise yourself with the following legislations, which apply to dog walkers. You can find out more about each rule by doing an online search.

The Control of Dogs Order 1992

The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

The Road Traffic Act 1988

Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953

Dogs Act 1871

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005


Join a Dog Walking Agency

We are in the midst of researching recommendedDog Walking agencies for you to join so do bookmark this page and come back for updates. Meanwhile, you could advertise your dog walking services on free online classifieds such as Vivastreet or UK Classifieds. Another good source of advertising is Preloved. They offer for Business Users a free two month trial and a flat fee of £20.00 per month thereafter (correct at time of publication). If you cancel your membership before the two month period is up you will owe nothing. This is a good way to see if this classified works for you.


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Get yourself a Dog Walking Franchise

If you're keen on setting up your own dog walking agency and are business minded then you might want to consider a dog walking franchise. The advantage of a franchise over going it alone is that your franchiser will provide you with the setup and backing to help make your dog walking agency a success. If you are interesting in buying a franchise then you might find our franchise article useful.


Income Tax

Don't forget to register as self-employed when you start your pet-sitting or dog walking business. You can read our page on Income Tax and registering as self-employed here.



This is an ideal job for anyone who enjoys working with animals, and it's worth remembering that once you become established as trustworthy and reliable people will recommend you to family, friends and acquaintances, which will give you a constant flow of work.



Making new canine friends

Working outdoors

Getting plenty of exercise

Good hourly rates

Meet new people




Cold in winter

Can be tiring if you have several dogs



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